While you are reading this, a business is hit by a cyberattack

It will have a cost of more than € 77,000 just to recover your data.
In the next 40 seconds, another company will be hit by a cyberattack. Yours could be next.


No matter how big, how productive, or how expensive your company is: it is still vulnerable to a malicious cyberattack.
+50% of companies are forced to shut down because they aren’t prepared for a cyberattack.
Pentesting and constantly securing your company’s infrastructure is the only solution to prevent this expense from occurring.

Help us to protect your business with our pentesting services


Know the weak points on a web page or web application and strengthen its security.



Protect the applications and services that support your



Prevent unauthorised access to sensitive data that belongs to your business and its customers.



Protect one of your main sources of income

Your web page or web application needs to be fortified the same way as an office needs to be protected – with a strong lock and advanced security system.

A hacker on the other side of the world could infiltrate your company right before your eyes, and you wouldn’t be able to do anything to stop it. However, a pentest can save you from experiencing that infiltration.

A pentest audits the security measures of a web application or web page. The objective behind a pentest is to find potential security faults, so you can avoid a hacker overrunning your system.


The benefits that you gain from a pentest

Discovery of vulnerabilities in your systems

Knowledge on the way those vulnerabilities can be exploited

Information on the risks that they carry

Solutions to solve every one of those vulnerabilities

Let this be another reason why you need a pentest

61% of web application attacks are produced by the delivery of malicious commands (XSS attack)

Source: edgescan.com

It is vital to have web audits if you have a corporate web page. It’s even more vital if your business is based on an application that can be accessed via electronic devices.

Furthermore, pentests are performed on a regular basis. It’s advised that a pentest should be conducted every time you update, install, or eliminate elements from your web application. New attack methods and vulnerabilities in your computer systems are discovered on a daily basis. It’s recommended that small to medium-sized companies have a pentest once every 6 months because of this.

Types of pentests

White-Box Test

Consists of full access to the web, database, source code, and the application server.

Grey-Box Test

Consists of limited access.

Black-Box Test

No information given about the infrastructure.

At the end of the test, we compile a report which explains how we’ve carried out the pentest, what vulnerabilities we’ve found, what the risks would be if the security faults aren’t solved, and a series of suggestions to repair those faults.

At Open Data Security, we perform real-attack simulations because they are most effective when it comes to checking the vulnerability level in an organisation. To protect your company’s main assets, make the right decision now. Contact us today.



Security for the most valuable data in your organisation

A server is one of the most important elements to have in a tech-based company. For one thing, it accommodates your corporate applications and services. For another, it facilitates the collaborative use of the data that’s available to access in your company.

The objective behind our server security service is to manufacture an accurate configuration, and protection of your server ensures optimal performance for your business.


The benefits you obtain from protecting your servers

Greater protection for the infrastructure of your business

Higher security standards when accessing your company’s resources

Preservation of the data’s confidentiality

This is the risk you’ll take if you don’t protect your servers

A server with poor configuration can leave credentials to your company’s tools exposed.

It also allows employees with little authorisation, and people outside of your organisation, to have full access to information contained in the server. They would be able to filter that information if their objective is to go against the interest of the company.

48% of security breaches were found due to poor configuration

Source: edgescan.com

47% of attacks are made from inside the company

Another fundamental point that’ll preserve your server’s security lies within the idea that every worker in your company has a level of access to data that they correspond with. Leading on from that idea, accurate configuration preserves access to the most critical data for members with higher privileges.

A final point that makes server security all the more necessary to have is that basic security methods are no longer sufficient. That’s why it is now essential to implement an additional layer of security on top of a traditional firewall.

This is how the servers are audited

We perform a comprehensive review over user access to the server. The shared elements and security policies also get examined.

We carry out an intrusion test on your company’s servers to see if there are any faults or vulnerabilities.

With the results that we’d obtain, we configure the security of your server.

A large part of your business depends on your server. If it falters at any moment, there will be a risk of discontinued services being given to your clients. Avoid that moment from happening by contacting us now.



Keep the integrity of your data intact

When someone enters your network without your authorisation, they gain access to your data which they can use or modify as they please. This can be done without you even noticing it. And as a result, critical problems will appear:


When they have taken sensitive information about your company.


When they have published your client’s data on the Internet.


When your rivals know about your projects and objectives.

Performing a network security test detects vulnerabilities, points of entry, poor network configuration, and internal security breaches that can permit unauthorised access to information that belongs to you. By performing this test, we ensure, monitor, and protect your systems under the objective to keep the integrity of both your company’s and client’s data intact.


The benefits you get from a network security test

Control against unauthorised access and improper use of your data

Protection against the loss and leaking of sensitive information

Prevention against any intruder that would tamper with your network

Conservation of data discretion

This is what you’ll risk if you don’t protect your network

Any device that’s connected to your network poses a great risk in weakening the protection of your data; a matter of great importance since the entry of the new General Data Protection Regulation.

Before the new regulatory framework will go into effect, public and private entities that manage information regarding EU citizens will have to carry out a data processing audit to determine what measures need to be applied, so that they will comply with the new law.

50% of attacks take advantage of the SSL encryption, where cybercriminals utilise the protection in the data transmission to hide the attack

Source: arandasoft.com

Types of network security tests

White-Box Test

Access to the network from the inside

White-Box Tests show what terminals your employees use at the time of access to your company’s network. It also allows you to know the type of connectivity they have, the type of authorisation your staff has, and points of physical access to your company’s computers and devices.

Black-Box Test

Access to the network from the outside

Black-Box Tests uncover the points of access, the unused network points, and wireless access points.


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